Why study with us?



Why our MBAThe Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies (ICBS) at the Department of International Studies of the Mieszko I School of Education and Administration (Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiki i Administracji im. Mieszka I w Poznaniu) is fast becoming a leading graduate school with its staff recognised for education and research as well as creativity, culture and enterprise. From its rich history and beautiful setting in the heart of Europe, to its diverse course offering and the people who make up the team, we could probably come up with hundreds of reasons to choose ICBS, but here are just ten of them.

  1. A prestigious modern education:  ICBS is at the front of the drive to make Poland one of the leaders in European graduate education. It offers courses that boost employment prospects, offer value for money and flexibility to meet student demands. Our inspirational Poznań Method of graduate teaching will help you to further develop your individual talents and ambitions and build a rock solid base for your future.
  2. Boost your CV: International students with degrees from our School are successfully competing in the job market and are sought-after by employers, which include private enterprises worldwide, Global and European institutions, national governments and foundations and associations. ICBS and its Partners are well recognized and respected for their excellence, flexibility, range of opportunities, modern facilities and resources which enhance the learning experience, and top quality teachers.why study with us_a
  3. Boost your income:  EU qualifications offered by ICBS are a great boost to your salary, as well as to your CV. Student feedback and research show that international students educated in Poland achieve significantly higher salaries after graduating, on average, than if they had been educated at home.
  4.  Value for Money: ICBS course fees and living costs are good value and compare favourably with costs in other top education destinations in Poland, the rest of the EU and globally.
  5. Flexibility to Meet Your Needs: At the heart of our success is our efforts to respond to the needs and ambitions of our students to offer blended learning opportunities that will satisfy even the most active professionals. ICBS partnership with UK higher education institutions also enables courses are generally shorter than in other countries. This means you can continue to earn while you study and you additionally save on annual course fees. The training you get will be relevant for your needs today and in the future.
  6. International connections:  We are working on partnerships with businesses, organisations and institutions in every corner of the globe, giving students a valuable insight into the world beyond education. You will meet our students at international conferences, tours and events. In Poland you will have a chance to do so at the Poznan International Fair, Woodstock Festiwal, Grunwald Battle Reenactment Festival, International Wratislavia CantansFestival, Łódź Design Festival, Poznan St Martin?s Day or the Cracov Christmas Crib Contest.
  7. Visa Assistance: We will give you professional assistance and full documentation to speed up the process of obtaining a Shengen Visa that will enable you to travel throughout the EU and maintain and develop your business connections in person while studying with us.why study with us_b
  8.  Satisfied students: Our student satisfaction rates are excellent.  We regularly score over 8o% overall satisfaction in the Student Survey. And with 85% of our students expected to complete their studies this year (compared to just 78% in the UK for example). WSPIA has one of the best predicted performances of any modern graduate school.
  9.  We care. You will experience a welcoming and supportive approach due to our commitment to an ethos of professionalism and care. You have access to numerous services: guidance and support from tutors, advice on practical life issues, like finances and dealing with life away from home. Just ask any of our students who are most likely to say that we are special and the support they get is first class.
  10. Safe and secure: And where could be better to do it than in the city of Warsaw and Poznań? The cities have reputation for being one of the most enjoyable places to live in Poland and the EU. They are also ranked as one of the safest. With their rich culture and eclectic mix of coffee bars, restaurants, galleries and theatres, Warsaw and Poznań have their own distinct personality, with an intimate, yet vibrant cosmopolitan feel. As a School, you are also in safe hands. We are financially secure, with on-going capital investment plans and a growing student body, leaving you to concentrate on what you are here for ? learning.

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