Why our MBA?


You know what you truly want: to complete a respectable and rewarding MBA programme, to learn new skills and competencies, to gain in-depth knowledge of subjects what fascinate you, and to further your processional career. Next, you know how to reach this goal of yours: to search the Internet, to examine promising schools? web-site, to compare all the pros and cons, and to review your choice with your closed ones. Moreover, apart from having this distinctive goal and being aware of how to attain it, you are also sufficiently motivated: a contemporary labour market favours people with various degrees and diplomas, a good MBA pushes ahead your chances of finding a better position, and, what is the most important thing, a good MBA opens your mind to promising opportunities.

why our mba_1Why is it then that you linger with your decision? Embarking on an MBA program is a huge decision. You cannot make it lightly. Therefore, despite the fact that your goal of finishing a sound MBA program is at top of your priorities, you postpone doing anything about it simply because an important decision requires a lot of time to make and you are a busy professional with family responsibilities and, thus, you are always short of time.  As a result you procrastinate, you are not sure about which program to choose, you never have enough time to focus properly and settle on something. Consequently, time goes by and nothing is happening. At the back of your mind your remember the words from ?Gone with the Wind? ? Do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of. And you do not want your life becoming deficient because of objective difficulties related to selection of educational programs.

We have good news for you. You do not have to ponder much over our MBA in Marketing and Supply Change Management Programme. Here are its major advantages:

  1. why our mbaIt is of great quality, taught be Polish and international lecturers and experts, based on a curriculum revised by international partners, and run by  the Centre which embraces people who cherish reflection, practical applicability and who know that it is silly to strive for what is improbable but it is commendable and worthwhile to endeavours to do what others deem impossible.
  2. It is based on a format of studies that is the most expedient for MBA education: part-time studies with online content. Only two five-day modules per semester. No need to quit your job. No excessive pressure on your private life. If you cannot attend a given module, you will receive special assignments and will complete this module by distance learning still finishing the Program on time.
  3. Finally, it is one of the best value for money MBA programs you may ever find. You pay just 3000 EUR for the entire program (two semesters).

We do believe that you have come across one of the best balanced MBA programmes in the world. Of course, you may add more hours and extend the duration of the program. You may want to temper with the curriculum. Some might argue that more modules per semester would be desirable. Yet others could recommend lowering the tuition fee. The truth is that if you have three variables (quality, format and costs) and you want to optimize them, what you get is pretty much our MBA programme. You cannot improve it not sacrificing something important.

cultural programIf what is written above has caught your attention, please explore further our web-site, write to us an inquiry or call us. We do not want you to make your decision hastily. At the same time, we encourage you not to waver any more and enrol in our programme. We are sure you will find it rewarding and you will want to recommend it to your friends.

The programme includes a cultural part and get-together dinners. This is something we add to the programme free of charge since we understand only too well the importance of making acquaintances among your class mates and furthering your horizons in informal conversations. Poland has plenty to offer in terms of cultural events and delicious cuisine.

Making friends is never late! And life is hardly worth living without them.