Uniform Master’s Studies in Physiotherapy in Medical Care

Basic information:As society becomes older, the need for physiotherapeutic care is highly in demand. Graduates of this major will aid patients in recovering after long-term treatment and long immobilization after injury. They will learn how to help in the process of healing chronic diseases, genetic defects and a variety of congenital dysfunctions.

Completion of the physiotherapy major opens vast employment opportunities in the country and abroad.From hospital departments to sports centers to rehabilitation clinics, the graduates will have plenty opportunities of finding the most suitable form of work. They will be eligible and qualified to set up private treatment rooms.

Exemplary subjects: Public Health, Medical Biology, Human Physiology, First Aid, Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Kinetic Therapy, General Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Equipment.

Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)

Cost: EUR 3900 per one academic year + EUR 200 single registration fee

Mode: full-time

Language: English and Polish