Our Mission

Our Mission_ICBSThe Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies at the Department of International Studies of the Mieszko I School of Education and Administration strives to live up to the following principles.

  • Always remember that who we are now is the outcome of what we were in the past. Cherish the past achievements and insights, e.g. Plato’s cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and courage, five traditional Chinese virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and fidelity, Indian mathematics, the remarkable Muslim culture of the Middles Ages, or the Christian concept of forgiveness.
  • The quest for knowledge is limitless, we can hardly be sure that we have learned everything, as a result doubt is always present. Thus, we teach student what is the cutting edge of our world understanding and urge them to critically evaluate this knowledge. Moreover, we believe that knowledge itself has no power. Power lies in knowledge being adopted and embraced by a recipient in her/his life. If you learn something but this knowledge does not change your world view, your grasp of the meaning of your existence, your behaviour or action, your attitude to other people, then such knowledge is as a burst of light beyond time?s horizon, i.e. totally irrelevant.Our Mission_ICBS_1
  • Use your power of reflection, understand the context, celebrate diversity but know how to stand your ground if necessary. People are not machines. The meaning of rules may be different in different circumstances. Taking perspective of others is an amazing skill we possess, it should allow us to find compromises and also to hone our own position.
  • We try to do our utmost to grow and develop. We inspire to become a leading centre of business studies in Central Europe. We do not take Western management canons and preach them to entrepreneurs from Europe, Asia or Africa. Business realities and styles of management have radically changed recently and our task is to capture these changes in a systematic and practically useful way.