libraryThe library of the Mieszko I School of Education and Administration (WSPiA) supports the teaching and research needs of the School?s students, faculty, staff and alumni, through providing access to resources and services necessary for academic success. The library equips the community with skills and modern tools for finding, retrieving, analysing, and using information, to create and support information savvy, lifelong learners.

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Google Scholar

Why Use Google Scholar? Librarians use Google Scholar frequently, but it is not a replacement for the library databases. We suggest you use Google Scholar to supplement your WSPiA database searches, not replace them.

Benefits of Google Scholar:

  •  „Cited by” search results
  •  Quick link to full text when you search for an article title
  •  Links directly to Google Books
  •  Ranks relevance differently than the library databases
  •  Searches the full text for your keywords
  •  Sometimes finds free full text for items not in the library
  •  Comprehensive searching of scholarly literature beyond WSPiA Library for capstone literature review research.

Drawbacks of Google Scholar:

  •  No Peer-Review
  •  No Full-Text
  •  Difficult to do more complex searches.

Relying on only Google Scholar may result in you missing important research, and spend a lot of time verifying if an article is peer reviewed. But, it is still a good tool for searching!

Free access to top academic publications globally, including:

Elsevier Springer
Nature Science
Web of Knowledge SCOPUS

Database of Virtual Academy of Science
On its premises, the WSPiA Library also facilitates free access to the following virtual databases: