Learning Approach

Learning Approach_1Blended Learning Approach

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies? Programmes are designed to meet your professional needs and personal commitments. You benefit from face-to-face learning during scheduled residential workshops. These are complemented by interactive online periods providing maximum interaction between students and faculty and allowing you to study when it suits you best. For busy professionals, this planned approach minimises career disruption and cuts down the opportunity cost of graduate study.

Our blended learning approach facilitates a balanced combination of self-study and practical learning with international professionals. A typical semester will include two five-day residential workshops. Concurrently, you will benefit from online tutorial sessions and participate in forum discussions with professors and colleagues. You will also be expected to prepare and deliver group and individual assignments.

Preparatory and Background Research

  • In-depth reading (theory and case studies), note taking, and consultations with fellow students in preparation for online sessions and residential workshop.

Residential workshops

  • Dynamic class teaching of some 40 hours per module
  • Work in teams to test theory against live cases and simulations
  • Debate specific business problems presented by other students.

Online learning

  • Workshops are supported by e-learning and forum discussions.

learning approachTeam work

  • Work in a team to engage in real life simulation project based on business issue faced by today?s organisations.

Professional development

  • Attend networking evenings, careers events and webinars
  • Become a member of our alumni association from the moment you start the programme.

Alumni network

  • Remain an active member of our growing global alumni network and stay connected via the website and social media.