Curriculum_1The curriculum of the MA in Law and International Management was prepared in cooperation with our Partner, the Citadel Business School (USA). Here is a list of courses that the curriculum includes:

Legal Issues in Business

Corporate Finance

Project Management


Incentives and Performancecurriculum

Power and Institutions in World Politics


International Business Communication

Business Leadership

Strategic Management

Economic Policy

Business Ethics

International Financial Institutions

International Trade Law

International Business Strategies

Innovation and Competitivenesscurriculum 2

Business in Emerging Markets

Global Energy Policy

Business Organizations

Statistics for Business

International Competition Law

Enterprise in Global Business

Global Economic Forecast

International Negotiations

MA Seminar

You will have to complete these courses during four semesters (two academic years) earning altogether 120 ECTS. Some of the courses will be elective (i.e. optional), all others mandatory. During the course of studies students have to earn 20 ECTS for elective courses.

You will also have to complete an internship (this is an obligatory requirement). Weekly tutorials will be held to assist you in writing your final assignments and in preparing your final MA thesis. The above effectively means that our module-based MA programme is, in practice, a full-time educational offer. Those of you who would be busy at work or would be constrained by family responsibilities could still attend only the mandatory courses, ask for a permission to complete an internship in the home country. Our MA in Law and International Management programme taught in partnership with The Citadel School of Business (USA) is flexible enough to accommodate your preferences without lowering the standards of education and compromising the feeling of genuine fulfilment from the studies.

At the end of your studies you will defend your MA thesis (about 50 pages). The topic of your thesis should be agreed with your supervisor during the third semester of studies.

Upon graduation you will be awarded the Master’s degree in Administration and receive a diploma of finishing the MA in Law and International Management programme taught in partnership with The Citadel School of Business (USA), both issued by the Mieszko I School of Education and Administration.

internship          thesis