Chose your program

Before you will apply, the following table will permit you to chose one of our program. Once you will chose your program, you will have to fullfill the application form and return it to us by email on:

BA in International Businessmajor: ManagementWarsaw Campus Fee: EUR 2500 /academic year Duration: 3 yearsCompletes with: Bachelor’s degree
Entry fee: EUR 200
MA in Law and International Management in Businessmajor: AdministrationWarsaw Campus Fee: EUR 2300 /academic year Duration: 2 yearsCompletes with: Master’s degree
Entry fee: 200 EUR
MBA in Marketing and Supply Chain ManagementDepartment of Legal and Social SciencesWarsaw Campus Fee: EUR 2800 /academic year Duration: 1 year
Completes with: MBA degree
Entry fee: EUR 200