Strategy and Technology

Dr Jan Tarski: How would business strategy be affected by recent technological advances? If finding a good supplier is a question of putting up on your company?s web-site product requirements (describing what you actually want to purchase), entertain bods and then select the most optimal one, you recognize only too well that something should be done regarding business strategy. If the famous divide between reaching only the tiny niche of the market with customized services and products and reaching a wider audience with a watered-down offer (the richness of reach problem) may no longer be a valid one as companies successfully manage to reach many not sacrificing richness of their offer, again you recognize that old business strategy approached are better to be revised. We may multiply the examples, however we will not get closer to finding out what principles form business strategy for the XXI century unless we get a right theoretical framework for understanding the strategy-technology nexus.

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Dr Marta Lisiewicz: There is only one fundamental principle of business strategy: to undertake actions that bring in the highest profits. If we followed profit, so to speak, we would discern how modern technologies could be instrumental for business.

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