Nassim Taleb?s NY Resolutions

nassim taleb_2Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a Lebanese-American essayist, scholar, statistician, and risk analyst whose work focuses on problems of risk, randomness, probability, and uncertainty. He has written a few widely discussed books including The Black Swan and Anti-fragile.


Mr Taleb also teaches at several universities. He has been a practitioner of mathematical finance, a hedge fund manager, and a derivatives trader.


Known for his wit and mock statements, Nassim Taleb announced his New Year Resolutions for 2015:


  1. Call someone who has no friends, just to say hello, letting the person know that you do not need him/her. Have coffee with lonely people twice every month.
  2. Do not read more than one new book every week- if needed re-read (and read no book you wouldn’t re-read). Do not write more than two hours a day. Walk two hours a day regardless of the weather. Do not go to the gym more than 5 times in any given month and/or do not spend more than 30 minutes per visit.
  3. Fast one day a week on average. Eat meat only on festivals, but then splurge.
  4. Respect the janitor more than the chairman and respect those who respect the janitor more than the chairman.
  5. Do not read the latest breakthrough experiment in psychology about, say, the effect of taking cold showers on grammatical ability. Better even read nothing about ?these? experiments.
  6. Read no book written by, or co-authored with, a journalist.
  7. Pick a lobbyist (preferably Monsanto/GMO) or some economist harmful to the collective and make life miserable for him, especially if the reaction entails some personal and reputational risks for you.
  8. Give to someone who needs money but doesn’t ask for it while finding an excuse to preserve his/her dignity.
  9. Use courage and wisdom, not labour, to make money
  10. In the end realize that you are only as valuable as the risks you are taking for the sake of the collective.


Some of them are indeed tongue-in-chick entries, but some others are quire profound. You are welcome to share with us your thoughts on them.

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