accreditationThe Mieszko I School of Education and Administration (WSPiA) is a formally recognized, by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, institution of higher education in Poland. The School is accredited by the Academic Information Centre (AIC) and has been awarded a ?Consumer Quality Certificate? by the Research Centre and Quality Monitoring Foundation.

AIC Accreditation (‚Wiarygodna Szkoła’)
The AIC accreditation is awarded only if all programmes meet the AIC criteria. The accreditation process includes reviewing compliance with criteria which includes:

  • full compliance with legal norms and standards to deliver programmes on offer;
  • compliance of promotional material and information given to prospective students with existing legal requirements;
  • due processes are in place to ensure high standards of teaching and research and support services including programme administration, career and alumni services; student admission; and curriculum content, programme mode and duration; and learning outcomes.

accreditation 1WSPiA has received this annually renewed accreditation for the 7th year running.

Separately, in recognition of its efforts to build programmes that are particularly relevant to job market requirements, the School has also been awarded a Good School, Good Job 2014 Certificate by the AIC.

Research Centre and Quality Monitoring Foundation: ?Consumer Quality Certificate?
The ?Consumer Quality Certificate? is awarded for exemplary management processes, stable policies and strategy oriented at securing student satisfaction and constant quality improvement of programmes and support services. The award of this Certificate is a seal of approval to the School as a leader in the provision of undergraduate and postgraduate education of the highest standard. It illustrates the  recognition the School enjoys among the corporate world and the satisfaction of the students it serves.